Common Elements of Professional Malpractice Claims for Lawyers

Fort Lauderdale legal clients have high expectations for attorneys, and there are important rules in place regarding attorney conduct to help govern these relationships. It is important to understand these elements and be prepared to respond to them in the event that one of your clients files a professional malpractice claim. Legal ethics in most.. read more →

Three Important Facts About Probate Law

It is not easy for everyone to talk about death, but planning ahead for probate can make things easier on your beneficiaries. If your loved one has already passed away, you may be contemplating how to hire a Fort Lauderdale probate attorney. Hiring an attorney might help answer your questions early on and aid you.. read more →

Contract Disputes: A Leading Cause of Business Litigation

Although there are many different cases that could fall under the umbrella of business litigation, one of the most common is contract disputes. In the majority of these cases in South Florida, a contract dispute emerges when one party does not hold up the terms to which he or she promised in the original agreement… read more →

What is the Wrongful Discharge Exception to At Will Employment?

Doing any research about wrongful discharge in Palm Beach will provide you some basic information about at-will employment contracts. This concept refers to situations where employers retain the right to fire an employee at any time and for any reason. This seems quite broad, and it is not entirely true, because an employer cannot violate.. read more →

Should I Try To Resolve a Personal Injury Construction Site Claim Myself?

Most people are aware that personal injury lawsuits, when successful, can be attached to major damage awards. Especially if you are linked to a construction site where someone alleges an injury, you need to be aware of your responsibilities but also your own rights. If you own a Fort Lauderdale construction site or otherwise could.. read more →

I’ve Been Accused of Professional Accounting Malpractice: Now What?

If you are an accountant, your reputation is critical for your ability to stay in practice and gain customers. Unfortunately, taxes and other financial issues that accountants work with make them ripe for allegations of professional malpractice. While you shouldn’t feel alone if you find yourself in this situation, you should react quickly and appropriately.. read more →

What Happens in an Auto Liability Defense Case in Florida?

If you have been named as a defendant in an auto liability case in South Florida, it’s important that you protect yourself with competent legal counsel sooner rather than later. The costs of taking this lightly can haunt you for years to come, so you need to respond swiftly with an experienced attorney at your.. read more →

How to Avoid ADA Lawsuits

Most people who get named in an Americans With Disabilities claim or case in Broward County did not ever intend to hurt anyone or to make conditions difficult for those with disabilities. Even if this is true, you can still find yourself on the receiving end of an investigation that can be damaging for you.. read more →

Accused the Professional Malpractice? Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Regardless of the kind of professional malpractice what is being alleged against you, you need to act quickly in order to take it seriously. Some people make the mistake of assuming that being accused the professional malpractice is a matter that is best treated by cooperating with the relevant individuals alone or by blowing it.. read more →

Under What Circumstances Should I Hire a Probate Attorney?

While you are not mandated to work with a probate attorney in Miami, it often makes sense to retain the services of a lawyer if the probate situation is complex. Furthermore, you may wish to retain the services of an experienced Miami probate attorney when time is of the essence you wish to deal with.. read more →