14 Apr 2015

Contract Disputes: A Leading Cause of Business Litigation

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Although there are many different cases that could fall under the umbrella of business litigation, one of the most common is contract disputes. In the majority of these cases in South Florida, a contract dispute emerges when one party does not hold up the terms to which he or she promised in the original agreement. In other cases, a contract is not worded appropriately and leads to conflicts as a result of misinterpretations.

Sometimes, a contract dispute happens because a situation arises that neither party anticipated when the contract was drafted. Although most business owners and contractors are mindful of the many ways to structure contracts in order to reduce the possibility of litigation, this does not mean that all conflicts are successfully avoided. Knowing what to do when a contract dispute occurs is essential, and legal counsel is the only way to be clear on the options moving forward.

Contract disputes can and do pop up in many different industries, as the contract is the critical document that governs the majority of business relationships not just in Florida but also around the country. Some examples of these documents are partnership agreements, insurance contracts, shareholder contracts, service and sales agreements, real estate contracts, licensing agreements, and franchise agreements.

No matter what kind of contract you had in place, you are not alone if you and another party cannot agree on something related to this agreement. Determine your next steps after consulting with a contract attorney.