22 Jan 2015

How to Respond to a Legal Case regarding Insurance Coverage Denial?

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Many policyholders in a wide range of insurance lines are not completely clear about the coverage afforded to them through their policies. Many simply do not read the fine print and become disappointed when insurance coverage is denied to them, initiating a conflict. Where this conflict cannot be resolved between the policyholder and the insurance company, it may escalate to litigation.

If you have been named in a legal dispute regarding denial of insurance coverage, you need to react quickly to obtain an advocate for your interest one of the first steps will be conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the policy to interpret language and coverage rules. Unfortunately, many conflicts that go to the point of litigation require the experience of an attorney familiar with these processes, but it is essential to have talented representation at your side to manage your defense in the event of an insurance coverage claim dispute. Discuss with your legal counsel the opportunities for resolving these conflicts sooner rather than later, as it is often may lead to a more agreeable solution that is cost and time effective.

As soon as you receive notice that you have been named as a party in such a dispute, collect any of the necessary documents related to the insurance coverage and the alleged claim at hand. Being prepared goes a long way in disputes. Organizing all of your materials in advance will be extremely helpful, whether the case goes to negotiation or all the way to litigation. Consulting with legal counsel early on can give you a window about the possible chances to resolve the case without having to go to court. Under the guidance of an experienced attorney, insurance coverage disputes may be dealt with relatively quickly.