28 Mar 2015

I’ve Been Accused of Professional Accounting Malpractice: Now What?

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If you are an accountant, your reputation is critical for your ability to stay in practice and gain customers. Unfortunately, taxes and other financial issues that accountants work with make them ripe for allegations of professional malpractice. While you shouldn’t feel alone if you find yourself in this situation, you should react quickly and appropriately in order to protect your reputation and your business.

As soon as you have been named in this kind of suit, you need to find a professional who can help you understand the possible implications of such a claim. You need to gather any evidence related to your specific professional malpractice responsibility claim and any communication you had with the client before bringing these materials to an attorney. A professional malpractice claim in Fort Lauderdale is serious and you should take it seriously.

If a claim does go forward without you reacting appropriately, you could face lost business or other negative repercussions. It’s important that you take these allegations seriously even if you know the claim is false. Sometimes just the hint of impropriety and a lack of reaction from you telegraph to others that you’re not concerned about how a professional malpractice claim could look. With your reputation and livelihood on the line, you need defense that is thorough and committed to uncovering the facts within the case in Fort Lauderdale.