What If the Breach of Contract Allegations Are False?

While there are many legitimate breach of contract claims that are heard throughout South Florida, it can be devastating to learn that you have been falsely accused of breaching an agreement. Your first step might be to reach out to the other party an attempt to resolve things peacefully. A business situation gone wrong or.. read more →

How Does “At Will” Employment Impact Claims of Wrongful Discharge?

If a Palm Beach employee intends to allege wrongful discharge from his or her station of employment, it’s important to understand how at-will employment contracts influence working relationships. If there is no employment contract providing additional protections and rights, governing civil-service regulations that govern public employment, or a union collective bargaining agreement, and employee’s status.. read more →

What Qualifies as A Premises Liability Case?

Being named as a defendant in a premises liability case can be overwhelming and frustrating, but rest assured that hiring a competent attorney to represent you and your interests can go a long way towards protecting you in court. Whether your case is complex or relatively simple, having someone to help you navigate the waters.. read more →

What Defenses Work In ADA Violation Cases?

Many people are not aware of the actual requirements regarding businesses and compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. As a result, cases are filed around the state and across the country alleging that businesses have failed to comply with federal regulations. More often than not, an ADA claim where the plaintiff appears to have.. read more →

How to Respond to a Legal Case regarding Insurance Coverage Denial?

Many policyholders in a wide range of insurance lines are not completely clear about the coverage afforded to them through their policies. Many simply do not read the fine print and become disappointed when insurance coverage is denied to them, initiating a conflict. Where this conflict cannot be resolved between the policyholder and the insurance.. read more →