19 Feb 2015

Under What Circumstances Should I Hire a Probate Attorney?

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While you are not mandated to work with a probate attorney in Miami, it often makes sense to retain the services of a lawyer if the probate situation is complex. Furthermore, you may wish to retain the services of an experienced Miami probate attorney when time is of the essence you wish to deal with the issues as swiftly as possible. If the estate you are working with goes beyond the realm of being simple with all of the necessary documents in hand, you are likely to get legal help for legal advice of some kind to help you manage the process.

There are several specific circumstances that should clue you in to the need for a Miami probate attorney:

  • Ambiguities involving the language inside the will
  • Complicated tax situations, like conflicts over asked taxes
  • Disputed claims within the estate, situations where spouse alleges that property left to another individual should be classified as community property
  • Situations where the state does not have enough assets to pay out all of the debts
  • Circumstances where a significant amount of property or assets was left to a minor who will need to have a guardian appointed
  • Estates with unfinished contract disputes or disputed debts

In many cases, hiring appropriate attorney can give you advice over what steps to take next for confidence in decisions that you are already contemplating. Simply having this peace of mind in moving forward with a complicated estate can be quite valuable in your time of need. Even if you felt that initially you are able to handle the situation, it’s wise to reach out for assistance from someone who knows the field.