19 Feb 2015

What If the Breach of Contract Allegations Are False?

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While there are many legitimate breach of contract claims that are heard throughout South Florida, it can be devastating to learn that you have been falsely accused of breaching an agreement. Your first step might be to reach out to the other party an attempt to resolve things peacefully. A business situation gone wrong or a misunderstanding may have led the other party to believe that you breached a contract. This is why it’s so important to have an explicit contract from the outset, so that no one is confused about their responsibilities and their rights within the agreement.

If you are unable to resolve things on your own, review the documentation sent to you by the other attorney carefully and gather any necessary paperwork or evidence that helps support your case. Then set up a consultation with a South Florida breach of contract attorney to discuss the specifics of your case and to evaluate your possible next steps. While very few people wish to move forward with litigation, sometimes this is your only option. Your attorney may be able to inform you about any other documents you need to collect and what may be involved in establishing the burden of proof in your specific case.

If you have legitimate evidence that supports the position that you did not breach the contract, you may be able to settle things with the help of an experienced attorney. In some cases, when the other party realizes that you are serious in retaining legal counsel of your own, the attorneys are able to work things out outside of court even if you were unable to accomplish this on your own.